Breckenridge "Flex" Home


Designed to cater to a multitude of lifestyles and homeowner needs, the Breckenridge offers exceptional space utilization, an open kitchen, spacious dining area, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. A gable rear door provides for an optional or site-built, attached garage. The Breckenridge is available in three standard sizes, ranging from 1,500-1,600 square feet of living space with further customization and siding available.


Exterior Design Options

The Breckenridge is available with a number of facing elevations. Shown below are a couple of suggested options.  As always, renderings depict optional items and items that are provided and installed on-site by the builder or home buyer.

The Breckenridge with standard 5-12 pitch truss with 27.5 ft. saddle porch, and half colonial windows.

The Breckenridge with opt 7-12 pitch truss, 24' turned gable dormer, box bay window, half colonial windows, site built porch.

The Breckenridge with opt 9-12 pitch truss, (2) 7' doghouse dormers, vertical siding, half colonial windows, site built porch.



Square Footage: 1,536 sq. ft.

3 bedrooms / 2.0 baths

Dimensions: 27'5" x 56'0"



Square Footage: 1,590 sq. ft.

3 bedrooms / 2.0 baths

Dimensions: 27'5" x 58'0"



Square Footage: 1,645 sq. ft.

3 bedrooms / 2.0 baths

Dimensions: 27'5" x 60'0"

Flex Room Options

This home features a specifically-designated flexible space that is intended to be custom chosen. This space can be made into a fourth/guest bedroom, a family room, sunroom, library, home office, or virtually any other space desired.

Family Room or Den

Bedroom 4 or Study

Sun Room

Kitchen Rendering