Green Building & Energy Star


Keeping energy costs low and preserving the environment is an important consideration when building your new home. Pleasant Valley Homes has been a long-time supporter of the EPA's Energy Star® program, building energy-efficient and environmentally sound homes.


Below is a list of "green" features standard in every Pleasant Valley home:

  • Tyvek ® Vapor Barrier

  • Eaveguard Ice Shield

  • Vanguard PEX Plumbing Lines

  • Moisture - Resistant Drywall in Wet Areas

  • 100% Indoor, Smoke-Free Construction

  • Low-E Windows, Argon Filled

  • R-21 Insulation in 2”x6” Exterior Walls (green guard certified)

  • Low Flow Toilets

  • Insulated Exterior Doors

  • OSB Sheathing on All Floors, Walls, Roofs

  • Low-V.O.C. Paint (Vapor Barrier)

  • Engineered Trusses and LVL Beams

  • Recycled Cellulose Blown-in Insulation

  • Formaldehyde-free Fiberglass Insulation

  • CRI Green Label Plus Certified Factory-Installed, Recycled-Content Carpet Pad

  • CRI Green Label Plus Certified Factory-Installed Carpet

  • Double-Layered Weather Stripping Between Walls and Floor/Ceiling

  • Foaming (Sealing) Around All Exterior Wall Penetrations

  • Low V.O.C. Adhesives

  • Water Saving Fixtures at 2.5 GPM

  • Engineered Heating & Cooling Systems to Minimize Energy Use and Leakage (With Full House Package Option)

  • All Homes Are Built To Current Energy Codes

Optional Green Offerings:

  • R-50 Ceiling Insulation

  • Tank-less Water Heating Systems

  • Webbed Floor Joists (stronger while using less material)

  • Energy Star-ready home features (on-site testing and other requirements apply, once home is fully constructed and finished)

Pleasant Valley Exclusive Energy Wall (Optional):

  • Resists all three types of heat transfer:

    • Conduction

    • Convection

    • Radiant Energy (most important)

  • Thermos® Bottle effective design

    • Lightweight, flexible, easy to install

  • Reflective insulation resists convective currents, provides excellent air barrier against outside air infiltration; also a vapor retarder

  • Does not absorb moisture, unlike other types of mass insulation

    • If installed with mass insulation, it can help them stay drier and warmer, eliminating dew points in mass insulation

  • Reflects and stops up to 97 percent of radiant heat

  • Resistant to moisture, mold, fungi, and rodent nesting

  • Effective year-round, in all seasons

  • Works 24 hours a day

  • Fiber-free

  • R-27 exterior wall value