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Cape Leeuwin


Cape Leeuwin


With exceptional flexibility, the Cape Leeuwin is ideal for many families.  Within its 1,672 sq. ft. of first floor living space is a large, open living and dining room, a home office (which can be considered a bedroom) and two other bedrooms and bathrooms.  Shown with a site-built front porch, the plan easily accommodates an attached garage, and features over six hundred square feet of future living space on the upstairs, which can be designed to accommodate an additional two bedrooms and a bathroom.



1,725 sq. ft.


First Floor (1,725 sq. ft.)

Available Second Floor (878 sq. ft.)

Please note that the upper level area is designed for economical completion on-site. Please refer to your plans and specifications for included materials and discuss all aspects of completion with your selected builder.


Renderings & Photographs


Ground Floor Dimensions: 30'9" x 56'8"

Artist renderings depict homes as they may be built on a typical site.  Renderings often include optional or site-built and/or installed features.  Refer to Pleasant Valley's standard specifications and be sure to thoroughly discuss all aspects of your building project with your selected homebuilder.