Pleasant Valley Homes

Superior Construction

Superior Construction = Superior Results



A. Solid 2” x 10” SPF #2 Floor Joists, 16” On-Center

~ Benefit: Reduces squeaks and adds structural rigidity to floor system.

B. Joist Hanger on Every Floor Joist

~ Benefit: While the outside end of the floor joist rests on the sill plate of the foundation, the marriage-wall side of the floor joists is supported by steel joist hangers instead of only using common nails to support the joists.

C. Steel Joist Bridging

~ Benefit: Prevents floor joists from moving laterally.

D. Double Solid 2” x 10” Perimeter Floor Joists

~ Benefit: Ensures square and rigid construction.

E. Gable End Perpendicular Floor Blocking

~ Benefit: Transmits the load of the foundation throughout the floor system.

F. 3/4” Inter-Locking OSB Floor Decking, Glued and Nailed, Then Sanded

~ Benefit: Provides a stable floor for long-lasting value.

G. 2” x 6” Graded Exterior Wall Studs, 16” On-Center

~ Benefit: Structurally-sound, allows for a well-insulated home for added comfort and efficiency.

H. Galvanized Steel Straps Tie Each Stud to the Floor

~ Benefit: Provide a continuous upload path, keeping walls from pulling away from the floor during transportation and erection, and decreasing drywall defects.

I. R-19 Fiberglass Exterior Wall Insulation (R-28 available)

~ Benefit: Reduces heating and cooling expenses and conserves resources.

J. 7/16” OSB Exterior Wall Sheathing On Exterior Walls AND Marriage Walls.

~ Benefit: On the exterior walls, OSB sheathing provides added security on the marriage walls. OSB sheathing provides crucial shear strength to keep the module straight during transportation and erection.

K. ½” Drywall, Screwed and Glued & Triple-Spackled

~ Benefit: Because modular homes must withstand the rigors of transportation and erection, we apply a first coat of high-strength spackle, sand it, then a second coat of spackle, sand that coat, and then touch up with a third coat of spackle, sanded and painted. This process adds to the strength and lasting quality of the finish and is less likely to suffer nail pops as the home goes through heating and cooling cycles.

L. Full-Height Dormer Sidewall that Rests on the Truss Bottom-Chord

~ Benefit: This exclusive Pleasant Valley structural design allows the gravity load of the dormer as well as the loads it must support to rest the strongest component of the truss--the bottom chord--instead of the weakest--the top chord.

M. 2” x 6” Solid Collar Tie at 8’2” Ceiling Height (12/12 Pitch)

~ Benefit: Secures the truss and provides a stronger backer for ceiling drywall and mechanical components.

N. 12” Overhangs on Both Sides of Home and Doghouse Dormers

~ Benefit: Prevents precipitation from running down the exterior walls, thereby lowering the chance for water leaks.

O. R-33 (R-38 through R-49 Available) Cellulose Ceiling Insulation

~ Benefit: Compared to fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation fills all the voids in the cavity resulting in fewer gaps in the insulation; further, cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper products and is environmentally friendly.

P. 12” Gable Overhang Soffit Blocking

~ Benefit: Keeps unsupported gable end overhangs strong and straight.

Q. Integrated Steel C-Channel Ceiling Girder for Open Span

~ Benefit: This Pleasant Valley innovation provides our designers with incredible flexibility because we can design and build open floor plans without the otherwise necessary load-bearing walls.

R. Simpson Hurricane Ties Secure Each Truss to Wall Studs Below

~ Benefit: These hurricane straps secure the roof trusses up to a 120-MPH wind exposure--the strictest requirement in the northeast--so that when the next Gulf Coast hurricane travels inland you don’t need to worry.

S. TYVEK House Wrap

~ Benefit: Provides a barrier against wind and water that penetrates the exterior facade for added comfort.

T. Engineered Roof Trusses, 16” On-Center

~ Benefit: Pleasant Valley roof systems are among the strongest roofs in the industry. They are all built to an industry-leading 100-pound ground snow load and fastened to a 120-MPH wind exposure.

U. Urethane Expanding Foam Seal Secures Drywall to Trusses without Fasteners

~ Benefit: The urethane foam seal we use to secure the ceiling drywall to the trusses above the drywall expands as it cures filling in all the voids to create exceptional strength--plus, there are never any ceiling pops because there are no fasteners used.

V. All Wall Top-Plates Inter-Connected with Steel Plates

~ Benefit: Results in stronger, straighter, and more durable interior and exterior walls.

W. Second Floor of All Capes Designed to a 40-Pound Live Load

~ Benefit: Because Pleasant Valley capes feature a 40-pound live floor load on the second floor (as compared to the typical 30-pound load), our homebuyers have complete flexibility for future finishing. Conversely, a second floor built only to a 30-pound load cannot sustain bathrooms and other wet areas.

X. Exterior Wall & Ceiling Anti-Air-Infiltration Weather Stripping

~ Benefit: Provides an air-tight seal between the top of the floor and the bottom of the walls and between the top of the walls and the bottom of the roof trusses.

Y. Solid 2” x 6” Fascia Board

~ Benefit: Provides greater strength and stability when fastening gutters, as smaller structural members will crack when nailed into, resulting in gutters that sag over time.