Pleasant Valley Homes


Heating Systems

Heating Options for Your New Pleasant Valley Home

Pleasant Valley homes come standard with no heating system. If this is the option you chose, all duct work and/or plumbing must be completed on-site by your builder or a third-party contractor. You do, however, have several options for factory-installed heat systems:

  • Heat Boots & Registers Only Installed
  • Stubbed Cold Air Returns (Boots & Registers Recommended With This Option)
  • Full House Package (With Open, Plated Floor Joists)
    • Insulated heat ducts installed throughout home with boots and registers
    • 40 gallon electric water heater installed or shipped loose for basement installation (50 gallon available)
    • Completed hot & cold water line system through the home
    • Optional high-efficiency gas & oil furnaces
    • Optional insulated floor cavity (common with crawlspaces)
    • For furnace placement in basements, which is most common, updraft furnaces are needed to connect to the factory-installed ductwork. This would be supplied and installed by your builder or a third-party contractor.
  • Full House Package with Factory-Installed Cold Air Returns
  • Two-story Full House Package
    • Ductwork on first and second levels of home are completed; a chase is needed to connect all lines for basement-installation of furnace
    • If home is not going on a basement, Pleasant Valley can supply and install a furnace on each floor of the home
  • Electric Baseboard Heat
  • Hot Water Baseboard Heat
  • Electric furnace

The "Comfort Zone" Series (2 options available)

On-Site Builder Comfort Zone Return Air Grill System

Boot Stubbed Through Floor for Easy On-Site Connection to Site-Installed Return Duct or Panning System

Option Features:

  • Return Air Grills (Painted Steel with Adjustable Dampers)
  • Gypsum-Lined Stud Cavity for Fire Safety
  • Aluminum Transition Boot to Fiberglass-Insulated Duct Through Floor
  • Factory-Installed Flex Collars for On-Site Return Connections
  • Available with All Floor System Options (2" x 10" Solid or Plated Joists)

Factory-Completed Comfort Zone Return Air Grill System

Return Air Grill Boots are Directly Connected to Factory-Installed Return Air Ducts

Option Features:

  • Fully-Installed, Ready-to-Use Supply & Return Ducts
  • Standard 14" Plated Floor Joists, 19.2" On-Center
  • Standard Double 14" LVL Mateline Girder for Increased Lolly Column Spacing
  • Flush Basement Finish Reduces Need for Higher Foundation Walls
  • Integrated Mateline Cross-Over with Silicone Gasket Design (No On-Site Pieces or Connections)
  • Gypsum-Lined Stud Cavity for Fire Safety
  • Return Air Grills (Painted Steel with Adjustable Dampers)