Heating & Cooling

Heating Options for Your New Pleasant Valley Home

Pleasant Valley homes come standard with no heating system. If this is the option you chose, all duct work and/or plumbing must be completed on-site by your builder or a third-party contractor. You do, however, have several options for factory-installed heat systems:

Basic Options:

  • Heat Boots & Registers Only Installed
  • Stubbed Cold Air Returns (Boots & Registers Recommended With This Option)
    • Electric Baseboard Heat
    • Hot Water Baseboard Heat
    • Electric furnace
    • Digital "Nest" thermostat w/dropped wire (see image below)
    "Nest" thermostat (stainless steel)

    "Nest" thermostat (stainless steel)


    "Full House" Packages (with Open, Plated Floor Joists):

    • Insulated heat ducts installed throughout home with boots and registers
    • 40 gallon electric water heater installed or shipped loose for basement installation (50 gallon available)
    • Completed hot & cold water line system through the home
    • Optional high-efficiency gas & oil furnaces
    • Optional insulated floor cavity (common with crawl spaces)
    • Optional factory-installed cold air returns
    • Optional "Nest" thermostat
    • For furnace placement in basements, which is most common, updraft furnaces are needed to connect to the factory-installed ductwork. This would be supplied and installed by your builder or a third-party contractor.
    • Two-story homes: ductwork on first and second levels of home are completed; a chase is needed to connect all lines for basement-installation of furnace (if home is not going on a basement, Pleasant Valley can supply and install a furnace on each floor of the home

    The "Comfort Zone" Series (2 options available)

    On-Site Builder Comfort Zone Return Air Grill System

    Boot Stubbed Through Floor for Easy On-Site Connection to Site-Installed Return Duct or Panning System

    Option Features:

    • Return Air Grills (Painted Steel with Adjustable Dampers)
    • Gypsum-Lined Stud Cavity for Fire Safety
    • Aluminum Transition Boot to Fiberglass-Insulated Duct Through Floor
    • Factory-Installed Flex Collars for On-Site Return Connections
    • Available with All Floor System Options (2" x 10" Solid or Plated Joists)

    Factory-Completed Comfort Zone Return Air Grill System

    Return Air Grill Boots are Directly Connected to Factory-Installed Return Air Ducts

    Option Features:

    • Fully-Installed, Ready-to-Use Supply & Return Ducts
    • Standard 14" Plated Floor Joists, 19.2" On-Center
    • Standard Double 14" LVL Mateline Girder for Increased Lolly Column Spacing
    • Flush Basement Finish Reduces Need for Higher Foundation Walls
    • Integrated Mateline Cross-Over with Silicone Gasket Design (No On-Site Pieces or Connections)
    • Gypsum-Lined Stud Cavity for Fire Safety
    • Return Air Grills (Painted Steel with Adjustable Dampers)