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Two Crucial Tenets Guide Our Design


Regardless of the size or style of the home, cost, colors, or cabinets, every Pleasant Valley is built to unparalleled construction specifications so that it can truly last a lifetime.


We spend a lot of time thinking about how families live life and how a home works for its family. We focus equally on how your new home will work, not just how it will look.


Cape Vincent II

Cape Vincent II


3 Bedrooms  |  2 Baths
1,329 sq. ft. (1st Floor)
Available 2nd Floor (724 sq. ft.)

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First Floor (1,329 sq. ft.)

Available Second Floor (724 sq. ft.)

Please note that the upper level area is designed for economical completion on-site.  Please refer to your plans and specifications for included materials and discuss all aspects of completion with your selected builder.

Floor Dimensions: 27'5" x 56'0"