Could you tell me why there are no prices listed on your website?

There are several factors related to pricing that are not a part of the manufacturing process.  A few examples are: (1.) varying site conditions that require additional excavation, such as rock, water, long-distance driveways, and the like; distance from the factory that affects freight costs; special finishing options you may request from your local builder; on-site finishing requires your local Pleasant Valley Builder to hire local labor which will factor into the final price. Your local Pleasant Valley builder will be happy to assist you in determining an accurate price for your new home.

What are the advantages of modular versus typical site built construction (also known as stick-built construction)?

There are numerous advantages. You'll find details by visiting our Modular Process page. Briefly, the advantages start with building your Pleasant Valley home in our climate controlled facility. Your home is not exposed to rain, snow, wild temperature swings or mildew during its construction. Pleasant Valley homes are built to the highest possible standards in order to meet the most stringent building codes. On-site independent third- party inspection insures we meet, or more likely exceed, the building codes for your state. We not only use name brand (often Made in the USA) materials, we provide you with a list of materials - a list almost impossible to get from the average stick builder. Your home is built by highly experienced Pleasant Valley craftsmen - many of whom have been with us for decades. As a volume builder we can buy materials often for a fraction of the price a stick builder pays - and we pass along savings to you where ever possible. And finally, due to the production planning and use of modern technically advanced modular techniques, the odds of cost overruns are dramatically reduced when you build a Pleasant Valley Modular Home.

Is modular less expensive than site built construction?

The many advantages of modular construction can, but don’t always, lead to lower pricing than stick built homes. Our construction costs are known to us up-front. We buy in volume, lowering our materials costs. We do not have weather delays because we build in climate controlled production facilities. Modular has less material loss, damage, pilferage and vandalism - again all due to modern modular techniques and indoor construction. All of these factors help lower the cost of your Pleasant Valley modular home. Shorter construction time means you will lower your financing costs during the construction period.

Can I make changes or design my house plan?

Yes you can make changes. Often home buyers, working with their Pleasant Valley builder, can easily make design changes to fit their needs. If you find a plan that will work on your home site and is close to fitting your needs, we suggest folks begin by simply photo-copying the plan, whiting-out the walls/doors/etc. that you’d like to remove, and sketching-in what you’d like to add.

How long does it take to build my home?

A number of factors go into determining this answer, many out of our control such as obtaining building permits, building plans, material procurement and site preparation. Consult your Pleasant Valley builder to discuss a specific timeline.

I am interested in building a new Pleasant Valley Home. How do I get information on doing this?

Please contact us online using the button below or email us at sales@pleasantvalleymodularhomes.com. We can arrange for you to meet a Pleasant Valley builder in your area and more.

Can I visit the Pleasant Valley Factory?

Yes. We are proud of our modern production facilities and encourage factory visits. Learn more by clicking the button below.

How does financing work for a Pleasant Valley Modular Home?

Modular homes are built to the same codes as site-built homes. Financing a Pleasant Valley Modular Home is identical to financing any home; bit with a slightly different disbursement schedule. Consult your local mortgage representative for details.

How do I locate a Pleasant Valley Home Builder near me?

It’s easy - simply fill-in our Contact Form using the button below, email us at sales@pleasantvalleymodularhomes.com, or call us at (570) 345-6500. We will be happy to find a builder for you.

Can Pleasant Valley Homes be built to Energy Star requirements?

Yes – we have an energy star ready program designed to work with your local energy star rater.  The standard insulation and window specifications comply with the program requirements; however, your rater must independently verify the proper installation of these items in order to complete the Energy Star checklist for portions of the building envelope not accessible on site.  Then, your rater can continue the checklist on-site after reviewing the installation and operation of your HVAC system and the other energy-consuming appliances in your home.

What type materials or specifications can I expect when I purchase a Pleasant Valley Home?

At Pleasant Valley, we are happy to provide you with a materials list (a list seldom if ever available from a stick builder). You can also view our Design Options & Finishes to review materials used in our homes.

How long does a Pleasant Valley Home take to complete once it has been delivered?

Pleasant Valley will deliver your new home and your local builder will set your home usually in a day or two. Your local builder will then take full control of the project and will begin the finishing work. Factoring in the level of customization and additional features (ie. Decks, porches, garages, etc.) your builder can put together a timeline for you.