Pleasant Valley Homes
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Modular Process

Design for Life: Two Crucial Tenants Guide Our Design


Regardless of the size or style of the home, the cost, colors or cabinets, every Pleasant Valley is built to unparalleled construction specifications so that it can truly last a lifetime.

We spend a lot of time thinking about how families live life and how a home works for its family. We focus equally on how your new home will work, not just how it will look.


When it comes to choosing a modular manufacturer, it can be tough to distinguish one from another. After more than three decades of experience, we can tell you that your new home is as good as the specs to which it is built and the factory in which it is constructed.


Building Your New Modular Home

Modular home construction combines the best practices of traditional site-built construction with the technological, economical and environmental advantages of assembling a good in a controlled environment. The components in any home (for example, a faucet or a roof truss) are manufactured in a controlled environment according to precise specifications and tested to ensure that they meet applicable standards. Pleasant Valley Homes are no different – we build homes using similar techniques for the design, manufacture and assembly of your new home as do the makers of each of the high-quality components in the home, from plumbing and electrical components to flooring, cabinetry and lighting fixtures. The modular process – and specifically many of Pleasant Valley’s proprietary design and construction techniques – result in a home that is built better, greener, faster, and with a fraction of the headaches presented by traditional site construction.

Built Better

Every home is built with each floor joist, wall stud, and roof truss 16" on-center. Each roof is built to a 100-pound ground snow load (more than double the minimum requirement in most of the northeast USA), and the entire home -- including the marriage walls -- is wrapped in OSB sheathing. In addition, hundreds of additional construction features are standard on every Pleasant Valley home.


State of the Art Manufacturing Facility


Our 140,000 square foot manufacturing center was constructed in 2004, and is one of the newest and most advanced of its kind. With precise temperature controls and a laser-leveled factory floor, all floors,walls and roofs are built square and simultaneously. Building materials are not adversely exposed to the weather for extended periods of time. Additionally, each module must be strong enough to be transported to a home site and lifted by a crane onto the foundation, as compared to site-built homes that are rarely built to exceed minimum code specifications.


While many modular home manufacturers operate from old structures re-commissioned as modular home production facilities, all Pleasant Valley Homes are built in our new, advanced manufacturing facility, designed and built for one purpose: to build the highest-quality modular home possible. Our manufacturing facility is supported by an experienced in-house engineering and design team that can work with our plans, your plans, or a combination of both.

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Built Faster

On-site, stick-by-stick construction can take, on average, six to ten months. Moreover, waiting for a home can present a number of complications, including the need for a place to live in the interim, storage of your belongings, and the like. During this time period, costs on materials fluctuate, which can result in cost overruns. With a Pleasant Valley Home, delays and cost overruns are never an issue. While the factory has a backlog that varies with the building season, it runs everyday and you will be able to know about when your home can ship when you order it. Pleasant Valley Homes, along with your local builder, can construct your new home in a third of the time required by traditional construction.

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Built Greener

Pleasant Valley’s centralized assembly and proprietary manufacturing techniques are more environmentally friendly than traditional, sitebuilt construction, and the homes that leave our factory are more energy efficient, too. Because we operate from one central location, there is no need for craftsmen to travel to and from isolated job sites each date. Much of the lumber we use is pre-cut to the exact size necessary for the application, resulting in less waste. Instead of a drawn-out period of disruption to the surrounding area, a modular home can be erected and finished in a matter of weeks, resulting in decreased debris, traffic and noise. Moreover, Pleasant Valley Homes are more energy efficient than most site-built homes. Every Pleasant Valley Home is built Energy Star® ready, with the insulation values and energy-efficient windows, doors and appliances that comply with the EPA’s Energy Star certification guidelines. 

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Fewer Headaches

While we can’t promise that building a new home will be completely stress-free, building a Pleasant Valley Home presents fewer headaches than traditional construction. Because your home is built in a controlled environment, there are no contractor no-shows, nor any delay on account of rain or snow—only when it is dangerous for our employees to get to work does the construction stop. Moreover, costly and fragile materials are not left out, exposed to weather and the possibility of material theft. Finally, the inconvenience that is naturally a result of building a new home is condensed into a few short weeks during erection and final completion, instead of a traditional, extended building time.