Beach Haven

Beach Haven


This majestic Cape Cod style home, with its built-in covered porch, welcomes you into 891 sq. ft. of first floor living space. The dining area features an angled wall with windows at every corner. The second floor can be finished at a later date, or in the factory, and features two bedrooms. Add a dormer for a little bit more space.

1 Bedroom  |  1 Bath
891 sq. ft. (1st Floor)
Available 2nd Floor (489 sq. ft.)

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First Floor (891 sq. ft.)

Available Second Floor (489 sq. ft.)

Please note that the upper level area is designed for economical completion on-site.  Please refer to your plans and specifications for included materials and discuss all aspects of completion with your selected builder.

Dimensions: 27'5" x 36'0"